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Terms of Use

Terms of Use for and other services provided by G. Mazelli, hereby referred as "the photographer".

By using the website or the services provided by the photographer you accept the following Terms of Use*.

Image Copyright and Sharing:
1. All images on this website are Copyright of G. Mazelli, the copyright of the portraits is shared with the subject
2. The images on this website can be shared only with a link to the website and a mention of the photographer, G. Mazelli
3. The portraits can be shared only by the subject in the picture, the previous conditions applies as well
4. The subject of the portraits can request the deletion of the picture from the website at any time by email, the image will be removed within 15 days
5. Use of the pictures on other websites (except social media for the subject), apps or in print is prohibited

Free Professional Portrait
By requesting the photographer to take a portrait the subject/user accepts the following terms:
1. The service is only available to users of 18 years of age or older
2. The photographer will share with the subject 1 picture at low resolution for Social Media sharing
3. In case the subject wants to order a high resolution print of the portrait he must pay in advance according to the size of the print
4. The service is provided according to the availability of the photographer at his own discretion
5. The subject of the portrait agrees to share the rights of the image with the photographer
6. The portraits can be used to promote the activity of the photographer in print or web galleries but cannot be shared with third parties unless written agreement between the photographer and the subject
7. The photographer cannot be held responsible for unauthorized use of the pictures by third parties

Prices for Portraits:
- One Professional Portrait at low resolution in digital format (max 600x800 pixels) : Free
- Additional Low Resolution pictures max 800 pixels : 20€
- Print on Photo Paper 20x30 cm or 20x20 cm : 49€
- Print on Photo Paper (poster) 30x45 cm : 69€
- Print on Photo Paper (poster) 40x60 cm : 99€
- Print on Canvas 40x60 cm or 40x40 cm : 159€
- Print on Canvas 60x90 cm or 100x100 cm : 299€
- Print on Aluminum 60x40 cm : 169€
- Print on Aluminum 90x60 cm : 319€
- Print on Aluminum 120x80 cm : 499€

Prices for Panoramas (in case the panorama is a composite the price will be the sum of the parts):

- Print on Photo Paper (poster) 40x60 cm : 199€
- Print on Photo Paper (poster) 30x75 cm : 299€
- Print on Photo Paper (poster) 60x100 cm (16/9): 399€
- Print on Photo Paper (poster) 60x150 cm : 499€
- Print on Canvas 30x75 cm : 399€
- Print on Aluminum 30x75 cm : 699€

Prices for Blur and B&W :
- Print on Photo Paper 20x30 cm or 20x20 cm : 69€
- Print on Photo Paper (poster) 40x60 cm : 199€
- Print on Canvas 40x60 cm or 40x40 cm : 259€
- Print on Canvas 60x90 cm or 100x100 cm : 399€
- Print on Aluminum 60x40 cm : 269€
- Print on Aluminum 90x60 cm : 499€
- Print on Aluminum 120x80 cm : 699€

Other print sizes available on request.

- The customer must order by email, writing the number of the image that must be printed and the size and options chosen
- The customer must provide a valid address for the delivery of the print
- The print must be paid in advance by the customer
- The delivery time is subject to the printing service and can vary from 10 to 20 days

Professional Photo Shooting
1. The following service is provided by the photographer according to his availability
2. The pictures will be taken in the open/public spaces in proximity of the residence of the photographer. Photo-shootings in other locations can be arranged for an additional cost
3. The photographer will present the subject with a selection of pictures taken during the photo-shooting
4. The photographer can use the pictures for his own promotion in print or web galleries unless the subject requests otherwise
5. The pictures will be provided in high resolution of minimum 6Mpix
6. The subject/user will be available for the shooting at a date and time agreed with the photographer

- 10 minutes : 30€
- 30 minutes : 70€
- 1 hour : 120€
In case the customer chooses a Professional Photo Shooting the Prints for the Portraits can be ordered with a 20% discount on the listing above

The user/subject has been informed prior to the shooting of the above Terms of Use. In case the subject wants to object to one or more of the conditions presented above he must do so in written form by email.
The user/subject has a good knowledge of English and therefore can read and understand the Terms of Use.

NL: De gebruiker/subject heeft een goede kennis van het Engels en kan daarom de Gebruiksvoorwaarden lezen en begrijpen.
FR: L'utilisateur du service (ou sujet) possède une bonne connaissance de la langue anglaise et peut lire et comprendre les Conditions d'utilisations ici presentées
IT: L'utilizzatore (o soggetto) possiede una buona conoscenza dell'inglese e può leggere e comprendere le Condizioni di Utilizzo presentate sopra



*Terms of Use can be subject to change

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